Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Related Questions

Where do you ship?
We ship to all 50 states in the United States. This excludes territories like Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. This does also mean higher shipping charges for recipients living in Hawaii and Alaska. We also do NOT ship to P.O. boxes.

How are shipping charges determined?
Given the products in your cart and your zip code, we attempt to offer both a FedEx Standard Ground option (3-5 days), as well as a FedEx 2-Day option. The FedEx Ground Home Delivery option is offered only when one of the following two criteria is met: a.) the shipping zip code falls into an area where FedEx's Standard Ground is able to get to you in two days from our shipping facility, or b.) all of your items in your cart are shelf-stable (this includes snack sticks and sausage). Our rates and coverage are provided by FedEx. So you pay what we must pay FedEx, no fluff.

Do you require a minimum order?
We require a minimum $15 order. Shipping costs are more economical when multiple products are purchased.

Shipping Options
All orders are shipped from our Distribution Center in Coloma, WI. All orders where FedEx 2-Day shipment is selected OR your purchase contains any non-shelf-table item(s) will be fulfilled and shipped each week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. These types of orders that are received after the fulfillment time on Wednesday or Thursday through Sunday will be fulfilled and shipped on the following Monday. Brat orders, sometime take longer to ship if ordered Wednesday-Friday with FedEx Express. Any order received prior to the fulfillment time on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays have the chance of being shipped the same day the order is placed. Otherwise, the orders placed on Mondays and Tuesdays after the fulfillment time will be shipped from our Distribution Center the next day. All items are shipped in order to reach all US destinations by Friday. This is also to ensure that you receive our perishable products just as if you were purchasing in our store.

All orders containing ONLY shelf-stable items AND FedEx Ground Home delivery is selected will be fulfilled and shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays. We want to send out the best quality products to you through the summer, and with the weekends, it could add extra days in transit. We will e-mail you and let you know right away when your order will be sent out.
When you receive your order confirmation, it will note the estimated time of delivery calculated from the day the order is placed (not time) The estimated delivery date may change. All orders placed after 12 pm cst will not go out till the next day (possibly following week depending on what is ordered and how many shipping days) Please call with any questions.

Shipping charges are based on merchandise total of items shipped to each separate address. The shipping charge is determined by our carrier FedEx for either Ground Home Delivery, 2-day Ground, or 2-day Air.

The following shipping options are available:
• Ground Home Delivery – Guaranteed delivery within five business days of our fulfillment day
• 2nd Day Ground – Guaranteed delivery within two business days of our fulfillment days of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
• 2nd Day Air – Guaranteed delivery within two business days of our fulfillment days of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Ground Home Delivery (Standard FedEx)
This option will only be presented to you at checkout if either all items in your package are shelf-stable OR the package destination is within two transit days for FedEx (see Google doc of all zip codes with FedEx transit days from Distribution Center).

2-Day Ground Details
The majority of WI, MN, IA, IL, IN, MI, and OH should receive their package in one day, the rest of those states should qualify and receive their shipment in the stated 2-Day window. FedEx's Ground service, in which our packages can arrive in two days, covers some or all of 34 states and 175 million residents of the United States. The 16 states where FedEx's Ground service will not reach any resident of that state within two days are outlined below in 2-Day Air below. To see how many FedEx transit days it takes to reach your zip code for ground deliveries, click here and search for your zip code. Or please see FedEx's ground delivery map here. Note that both are external links.

2-Day Air Details
All residents of the following states only have the option of 2-Day Air and thus will see higher shipping charges by FedEx: AK, AZ, CA, CO, FL, HI, ID, ME, MT, NV, NH, NM, OR, RI, UT, VT, WA, WV.

Other things I should know about my shipment?
Please don't be concerned if all ordered items don't arrive in a single carton or on the same day. Due to packing and shipping limitations, parts of multiple-item orders are sometimes shipped separately. Separate item shipping, where necessary, does not affect shipping charges associated with your order.

Product Related Questions

I do not live close to Wautoma, Wisconsin, who carries your products?
Feel free to email us for specific locations, as not all stores allow us to list them here on our website.

How do I purchase a gift card online?
That feature is not available at this time.

Which of your products is the best seller?
Our Natural Casing Summer is our #1 seller. It is a unique family recipe, with an “old time smoked flavor”. One taste and you’ll be hooked. Each month we will update the "featured products" section on the Home page, as well as within each department to reflect the best-sellers from the previous month.

My Natural Casing Summer Sausage was kept in the refrigerator, but has white spots on it. Is it safe to eat?
There is a lot of moisture in the Natural Casing Summer Sausage and it is common to get white spots on the casing. Keep it wrapped in the fridge. To remove the white spots, wipe the casing with some vegetable oil on a rag or paper towel. The spots do not affect the quality or, the flavor. If it is not going to be consumed in the near future, freeze it.

The summer sausage and snack sticks are delivered without a cooler. Do they need to be refrigerated?
Our snack sticks and summers sausages, including the Natural Casing Summer Sausage, are shelf stable. More specifically, this means that those products are safe to eat even if they sat at room temperature for up to six months. Once the package is open, it must be refrigerated.

Refund Policies

Below are the guidelines and protocols for receiving a refund regarding your order:

1. We will refund misplaced FedEx packages only once FedEx has confirmed the shipment is lost.

2. We will refund the amount of the missing items from an order where the customer did not receive all items or incorrect items.

3. We DO NOT refund based on customer satisfaction with our products.

4. We DO NOT refund the customer if their order takes longer than normal to ship to the address. FedEx is responsible for delayed shipments.

5. If a customer believes the product to be expired or inedible, the customer must send a picture of the product along with order number to